Sungkarat, Somporn

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Position: Associate Professor
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รศ.ดร.กภ.สมพร สังขรัตน์

Associate Professor
Phone : 0-5394-9249
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     Somporn Sungkarat has been working as a lecturer and researcher at Chiang Mai University since she graduated from the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy, University of Southern California in 2001. She currently teaches neurologic physical therapy courses for PT students and advanced motor control and learning for graduate students. She also directs the PhD Program in Biomedical Sciences.

     Dr. Sungkarat is committed to mentoring graduate students as she appreciates from her invaluable PhD training experience how essential mentoring is for young scientists in term of their personal and professional growth. Her research interest focuses on fall and dementia prevention. She has conducted multiple studies to examine the synergistic effects of combined physical-cognitive training on physical (esp. balance and gait) and cognitive functions. With interdisciplinary research collaboration, she also investigates mechanisms underlying exercise induced cognitive improvement. Her current research primarily focuses on the development of exercise intervention programs to enhance physical and cognitive functions.


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