Kanthain, Rungtiwa

Personal Information

Position: Physical Therapist
Research areas:

กภ.รุ่งทิวา กันทะอินทร์

Physical Therapist
Phone : 0-5394-9291
Email : rungtiwa.k@cmu.ac.th​


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  • Yankai, A., Leelarungrayub, J., Kanthain, R. & Laskin, J. J. (2021). Preliminary Study: Immediate Effect of the Slow Deep Breathing Exercise and Sustained Maximal Inspiration with Volume-Oriented Incentive Spirometry on the Diffusing Lung Capacity in Healthy Young Participants. Trends in Sciences, 18(21), 346-346. [More] 
  • Kanthain, R., Singhatong, S., Natakankitkul, S., Dechsupa, N. & Leelarungrayub, J. (2020). Potential of hard candy containing spray-dried vernonia cinerea extract with total phenolic compounds, total flavonoids and nicotine replacement as an anti-smoking aid. Pharmacognosy Journal, 12(1), 35-43. [More] 
  • Ariyachaikul, S., Kanthain, R. & Thonglorm, N. (2020). Reliability and validity of the osteoarthritis research society international minimal core set of recommended performance-based tests of physical function in knee osteoarthritis in community-dwelling adults. Malaysian Journal of Medical Sciences, 27(2), 77-89. [More]