Chuatrakoon, Busaba

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Position: Lecturer
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อ.ดร.กภ.บุษบา ฉั่วตระกูล

Phone : 0-5394-9291
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     Dr.Busaba has the expertise in leadership, training, knowledge, and motivation needed to successfully carry out a research project. She has a lot of experience in clinical trials and a comprehensive background in cardiopulmonary and vascular rehabilitation. Her research also includes athlete-related restoration. She is also interested in health innovations and development. She has received research grants as a Principal Investigator (PI) or Research Associate at several universities and national contributions. Planning for rehabilitation for disabilities and other physiological factors associated with chronic illness and developing solid relationships with the community will make it possible to register and track participants at any time. She has also been successful in project management, cooperating with other researchers, and producing several peer-reviewed publications from each project.


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  • Sa-nguanmoo, P., Chuatrakoon, B., Parameyong, A., Jaisamer, K., Panyakum, M. & Suriyawong, W. (2024). Comparing the 6-minute Walk Test Performance and Estimated Maximal Oxygen Consumption Between Physically Active and Inactive Obese Young Adults. Physical Activity and Health, 8(1), 20 – 28. [More] 
  • Nantakool, S., Punturee, K., Konghakote, S., Sitthichoke, C., Phirom, K. & Chuatrakoon, B. (2024). Immediate Effects of Aerobic Exercise and Whole-Body Vibration on Fat Oxidation, Lipid Mobilization, and Cardiovascular Response in Individuals with Obesity. Journal of Clinical Medicine, 13(1). [More] 
  • Nantakool, S., Chuatrakoon, B. & Phirom, K. (2023). Role of Various Anthropometric Indicators of Obesity and Physical Activity on Oxygen Uptake and Fat Oxidation during Moderate-Intensity Aerobic Exercise in Adults: A Secondary Analysis. Preprints, . [More] 
  • Chuatrakoon, B., Konghakote, S., Sa-nguanmoo, P. & Nantakool, S. (2023). Long-term impact of SARS-CoV-2 infection on cardiorespiratory fitness: a meta-analysis. Frontiers in Public Health, 11. [More]