Uthaikhup, Sureeporn

Personal Information

Position: Associate Professor
Research areas:

รศ.ดร.กภ.สุรีพร อุทัยคุปต์

Phone : 0-5394-9249
Email : sureeporn.uthaikhup@cmu.ac.th


     Sureeporn is a senior lecturer at Chiang Mai University. She received her PhD in Physiotherapy from The University of Queensland, Australia in 2009. Her research focuses on the evaluation and management of neck pain and cervicogenic headache. She leads a number of studies to better understand the musculoskeletal and sensorimotor impairments associated with neck pain and headache and how these impairments impact on an individual's function, physical activity and quality of life. She also conducts clinical trials to investigate the efficacy of physiotherapy treatment methods designed to address these impairments.

     Sureeporn has an extensive role in the teaching and supervision of the postgraduate research students at Chiang Mai University. She has delivered numerous hands-on clinical workshops on management of neck pain in Thailand. She has also been an invited speaker at national conferences and workshops in the area of neck pain, headache and dizziness.


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  • Phapatarinan, K., Sremakaew, M. & Uthaikhup, S. (2024). Stimulated cervical afferent input increases postural instability in older people with chronic neck pain: a cross-sectional study. BMC Geriatrics, 24(1). [More] 
  • Uthaikhup, S., Sremakaew, M., Treleaven, J., Jull, G., Barbero, M., Falla, D. et al. (2024). Changes in Multiple Aspects of Pain Outcomes After Rehabilitation Analysis of Pain Data in a Randomized Controlled Trial Evaluating the Effects of Adding Sensorimotor Training to Manual Therapy and Exercise for Chronic Neck Pain. Clinical Journal of Pain, 40(4), 212 – 220. [More] 
  • Wiangkham, T., Uthaikhup, S., Chidnok, W. & Rushton, A. (2023). Active behavioural physiotherapy intervention for acute non-specific neck pain: a cluster randomised double-blind pilot and feasibility clinical trial. Disability and Rehabilitation, , 1-9. [More] 
  • Wannaprom, N., Konghakote, S., Chaikla, R. & Uthaikhup, S. (2023). Live and video observations of scapular dyskinesis in individuals with nonspecific neck pain: A reliability study. Physiotherapy Theory and Practice, , 1-7. [More]